Emrill expands ‘Masterminds’ initiative with introduction of CPD-certified masterclasses

To further enhance its learning and development offering, Emrill has expanded its Masterminds program to include two Continuing Professional Development (CPD)-certified courses. In July 2021, Emrill launched Masterminds, a knowledge-sharing program to circulate relevant, credible and current experience and expertise through masterclasses available to all levels and departments of the organization. Since then, the facilities management services provider has launched eleven CPD-accredited courses, two of which have been added to the programme.

Emrill has carefully developed each CPD-certified masterclass to suit the learning needs of facilities management professionals. To date, Emrill has achieved CPD accreditation for eleven courses that provide instruction on technical, communication, leadership and business skills. Masterminds participants can access masterclasses dedicated to financial awareness, English-language conversation skills, leadership, project management, presentation skills, health and safety risk management, time management, team leader skills, performance management, and information gathering and data management. In March 2022, Emrill renewed its CPD membership and will continue to enhance its training and development programs, including Masterminds, LEAD and Excel, during the year.

As part of its Masterminds programme, Emrill has launched masterclasses, two of which are CPD-accredited, across a broad range of topics including: Financial Awareness in FM; HSE Risk Management in FM; Business and Technical Risks in FM; Marketing and Branding; Commercial and Supply Chain Management in FM; Promoting Health and Wellbeing in an FM Environment; Managing Performance Appraisals, Assessments and Feedback; Essential IT Skills in FM; Increasing Efficiencies in Managing Soft Services and Operational Excellence and Success in Facilities Management.

“Achieving CPD certification was a major milestone for Emrill in 2021,” said Sam Emery, Emrill’s CFO. “Emrill has always been committed to creating development opportunities for employees, and CPD accreditation was another step on our journey to formalizing training and continuing to offer world-class learning programs.”

Emrill developed the Masterminds program and masterclasses following a comprehensive gap analysis of the organization’s learning needs. Course topics were selected to complement Emrill’s growth and operational strategies through the enhancement of key competencies. The masterclasses uses an adaptive people development strategy, allowing for fluid learning across virtual and physical spaces with a combination of technology and visual, auditory, read-write and kinaesthetic resources. Emrill has taken a blended learning approach to ensure different types of learners across the organization’s locations can access and excel in the available masterclasses.

Explaining the importance of creating a knowledge-sharing platform, Kriska Golez, Emrill’s learning and development manager, said, “Ensuring employees at all levels have access to reliable and practical knowledge they can immediately apply to their day-to-day duties has been a driving force in the creation of the Masterminds programme. Our masterclasses provide employees with tools to increase efficiency, quality, and safety through various curated facilities management and business topics, which benefits Emrill and its clients.”

Since the launch of Emrill’s Masterminds, 717 learners have participated in the masterclasses delivered by 18 subject matter experts from various sectors within the business. On March 24, 2022, Emrill held a recognition ceremony for its most engaged learners and feedback from participants has been positive. On average, learners rated the Masterminds program 4.58 out of 5 and reported 91.61 per cent training satisfaction. Masterminds masterclasses have also achieved a 9.28 net promoter score. In addition to Emrill’s ongoing training and development programs, the Masterminds program will continue to evolve to adapt to the business’s strategic and growth needs, with 26 sessions already in the pipeline for 2022/2023.

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