Mitsu-Ya Opens Its First International Outpost In Dubai

Food enthusiasts with a penchant for traditional Japanese delicacies can rejoice as Mitsu-Ya, Sushi Bar, and Izakaya, hailing from Beirut, has arrived in Dubai. Located at The Ritz Carlton DIFC and is set to offer an exclusive and bespoke dining experience of fiercely authentic prime Japanese cuisine. The name Mitsu-Ya is composed of the founder’s first name, Mitsu Arai, and the word ‘Ya’ translates to ‘house’ in Japanese, meaning that you are dining at the chef’s house, the omakase way!

Greeted by staff adorned in beautifully intricate traditional geisha uniforms, the venue features wooden and bamboo elements adorned with oriental detailing throughout, setting the mood for a delightful dining experience. This minimalist destination consists of a few seats at the chef’s bar where guests enjoy an omakase (chef’s choice) tailored experience. The term “omakase” translates to ‘respectfully leaving another to decide what is best. The chef confidently prepares each course based on the preferences of those seated at the counter, sculpting each piece with care before presenting it while offering his knowledge and vision of his craft. All the meticulously prepared pieces are to be eaten straight away, for as a true Japanese chef would say: “let it stand, and the taste changes”. This is what sets the omakase experience apart; the intricate aromas and temperature around each dish are fully controlled as one savors a morsel at a time to enjoy each in its prime. Expect the likes of Otoro Tuna, light-as-butter Hamachi, alongside the quintessential grilled or marinated fish and vegetables in the form of nigiri, sashimi, or other.

For those who prefer to experience Mitsu-ya the à la carte way, the Izakaya menu is a seamless curation with niche ingredients and delicacies. Choices are endless with the Asari Clam Soup, Green Tea Noodle Craba refreshing dish of green tea noodles with mesclun topped with crab meat, Popcorn Shrimp served with Mitsu-ya sauce, Kinoke Jump; a balanced mix of earthy mushrooms with a butter soy glaze and many more! The journey continues with the choices of unique bowls of Ramen – like the Shoyu Ramen, a bowl of goodness with chicken cha-shu, bamboo shoot, spinach, marinated boiled egg, naruto, and nori. The Beef Tantanmen, a chef’s recommendation, of minced beef, marinated boiled egg, bokchoy, sesame paste, and la-yu chili oil, a healing bowl indeed!

The main courses offer a variety of fish, both grilled and steamed, and meat options, with outstanding dishes, including the Grilled Octopus, which is accompanied by mixed mushrooms and sautéed potatoes with an onion-based sauce on the side. Wagyu Tenderloin is served with a well-balanced Yakiniku sauce and yuzu-mashed potato on a bed of fluffy multigrain rice.

Diners complement their meal with house specialty high-quality sakes, Japanese beers or whiskey, and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Finally, indulge in the house specialty Green Tea Fondant, a delightful treat served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or the Mitsu-Ya Chocolat Parfait to end the journey on a sweet note. A decadent selection of ice creams and sorbets is also available.

Find your seat at the table at Mitsu-ya for a hedonistic journey of indulgent Japanese dining!

When: Monday–Saturday

Time: Lunch 12 PM – 3:30 PM GOLD Dinner 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Where: Mitsuya DUBAI – The Ritz Carlton DIFC

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