Here is why you should not miss the exploratory experience of Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai has always been top choice of wanderlusts to explore the unbeatable beauty of the sea, sand, and ultra-luxurious infrastructure. The city that hosts a few of the best infrastructural icons of today welcomes millions of travelers every year. Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most exhilarating experiences one could add to his/her travel diary as a once-in-a-lifetime memory. It is the most loved activity by all kinds of tourists for various reasons.

The Beauty Of the city’s phenomenal architecture: It is known that Dubai hosts a few of the best architectural monuments in the world, but knowing and witnessing are two different aspects. The moment you land in Dubai, you can clearly feel why it is known for well-planned exemplary developments. From Burj Khalifa to Dubai Gardens to Ain Dubai and Burj-al-Arab and so many other developments are the gift of the city’s modern architectural brilliance to the world. Once you land at the hotel, a few of these will be clearly visible from the window of your room. Once you are ready to take the pickup vehicle of the Day Out at Dubai, be prepared for the next level of adventure. The Oasis Palm Tourism Dubai is one of the trusted tour operators who provide the services of desert safari Dubai. They provide the service of online bookings with complete payment facilities and customer support.

Pristine Beauty of Arabian Desert: The 4×4 land cruiser takes you to the most beautiful Arabian desert. Its beauty will steal your heart. The never-ending view of golden dunes reflecting sun rays and shining like there is gold dust everywhere. It is a fantastic gift of nature that gives a beautiful message that beauty doesn’t need to be on the greener side only. The vast land of sand has its own pristine and incomparable beauty that soothes the soul. The vehicle stops at many beautiful locations from where you can view the magical sunset in the desert.

The breath-taking Dune Bashing: The most exciting and thrilling part of the desert safari in Dubai is the dune bashing. The trained driver would take you to the peak of adventure in a speedy land cruiser, hitting the dunes and splashing the golden sand everywhere. The bumpy ride will sometime scare you that the vehicle will tumble, but that’s the trained stunt done by the driver. You will shout, laugh and enjoy during the 20 minutes of adventure ride between the huge non-ending treasure of sand.

Meet with authentic Bedouin culture glimpses: Once the dune bashing is over, you will be taken to the campsite. The beautiful representation of an authentic Bedouin lifestyle will mesmerize you with the royalty covered in simplicity. The low-lying furniture, the d├ęcor, and the environment will tell you the tales of Bedouin’s life. If you are someone who loves to explore different cultures and traditions, the place will captivate your attention like never before. The surroundings and welcome by the campsite staff will take away all the tiredness. You can refresh with welcome drinks and dates.

The Fun filled family adventure: There is a whole lot of fun waiting for you at the campsite. You can enjoy quad biking in the desert here. Youths particularly love this activity. Kids can enjoy sand boarding and long-distance camel riding with the family here. The Henna artisans will help you make your hands look more beautiful with their beautiful henna designs. You can even click pictures in traditional Bedouin costumes here to keep the cherished memory of the trip.

The Unlimited entertainment: Inside the camp, you will lose in the stunning performances of belly dancers. The world-famous dance form is at its best in the place it was originated in. Adding to the magic are Tanura dancers. The male dancers look alluring in their traditional flared skirt that looks magical when they spin on the beats of Sufi music. No one can take their eyes off their well-synchronized movements. Kids enjoy the stunts of fire show artisans.

The best buffet dinner: As you are enjoying the beautiful performances, a team of a chef is preparing something extraordinary for you. The buffet dinner at Dubai desert safari is globally famous for its quality surpassing even the best 5-star restaurant anywhere. The dinner is served under the open sky gleaming with the rays of the beautiful moon and billions of stars. Star gazing is best when you are in the middle of the desert. You can enjoy it with a delicious dinner.
A night in the mid of the desert: Opting for an overnight safari would be a perfect choice if you want to add some more magic to your trip. You can stay inside the beautiful tents at the campsite. They are the safest and best place to spend a night in the mid of the desert. The comfortable interiors, along with all the necessary facilities, will make your experience of the desert trip the most memorable one.

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