Dubai: How do I know that my home’s water tank is clean?

Dubai: Ever wondered how you can be sure that the water you use daily is clean? Is the place where the water stored a safe place? Or have you noticed strange smells from the tap but not been sure of the reason? If your answer to any of these questions are yes, here are points to keep in mind regarding your water tank.

Water tanks may be located underground in the basement, or on rooftops as per the residence’s structure. Villas may have tanks of less size than the ones used in apartment buildings.

Who is responsible for cleaning the water tanks?

As per the guidelines of Dubai Municipality, landlords are accountable for the cleanliness of water storage tanks.

According to the Food Code 2020 guidelines issued by the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, water tanks should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Once the water tank is clean, the water samples should also be tested for safety and quality by an approved laboratory.

Rakhi Sithara, Managing Director of Pluspoint Building Cleaning Services, spoke to Gulf News about other instances when the water tank may need to be cleaned: “In the interest of public health, drinking water tanks shall also be cleaned when new tanks are used for the first time or when the tank or its source is polluted, whether it is from the public network or through drinking water tankers or in cases where there is no cover for the tank, or it has not been closed properly, or there is a presence of openings around the cover, which will allow the entry of insects, dirt, or contaminated water into the tank.”

Rakhi Sithara

Managing Director of Pluspoint Building Cleaning Services

How do I know if the water tanker needs cleaning?

According to Sajeer JS, Division Manager of PESCO cleaning and pest control services, if you want to know that your water tanker needs to be cleaned, some of the signs to look out for in the water are:

Sajeer JS

Division Manager of PESCO cleaning and pest control services

– Cloudiness
– Strange tinting or a rusty color
– Unusual taste of water
– Smell of sulphur, rotten eggs and other strange odors.
– Suspended solids and particles.

As a resident, if you notice any of the following changes in water, you need to contact your building management.

According to Sajeer, tenants can ask the building management for water testing and tank cleaning records. They can also request for water tank pictures as taken before and after the cleaning.

How do I know if my water tank has been cleaned by an approved company?

Sithara said that it is important that the water tank must be cleaned by a company approved by the Dubai Municipality. This ensures that the staff are well trained and that cleaning and sterilization methods used are approved by the department. You can ask the service provider for proof of their approval, and you can also find a list of approved companies on Dubai Municipality’s website, by following these steps:

1. Visit the Dubai Municipality website –
2. Click on ‘Legislation and Information’.
3. On the menu on the right, click on ‘Health & Safety’ under the ‘Information’ tab.
4. Then click on ‘Health & Safety Approved list’.
5. Next, select ‘List of Cleaning and Disinfection Companies’

Since 2017, Dubai Municipality announced that it would conduct regular water tank inspections in residential buildings, too.

Can I drink tap water?

Tap water in the UAE is safe to drink, according to the Conformity Affairs Department at the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. According to the Dubai Can initiative, which was launched this year to promote reusable drinking bottles, tap water in the UAE goes through the process of desalination (removing any impurities) before it reaches your taps. Installing your own additional filter at home ensures the water is not affected by aging pipes or tanks.

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