Green Modeling Contracting participates in 4th edition of The Big 5 Construct Egypt 2022 exhibition

Green Modeling Contracting (GMC), the leading construction company, announced its participation in the 4th edition of The Big 5 Construct Egypt 2022 exhibition, which will take place from 25 to 27 June, with the participation of a large number of major companies operating in the construction sector.

Abdel Rahman Gaweesh, CEO of GMC, said that the exhibition is one of the important events that his company was keen to participate in, given its importance in gathering the largest number of construction and building industry experts in one place.

Gaweesh added that The Big 5 Construct Egypt exhibition is one of the company’s mechanisms to identify developments in the construction sector and new projects of companies operating in the industry.

He noted that the exhibition represents an opportunity for the company to exchange experiences, and information and build long-term relationships with industry experts.
Additionally, it is an opportunity for direct selling to companies that showcase their projects in the exhibition, and to exchange discussions on industry developments with experts and specialists.

He further pointed out that the GMC is one of the leading companies in the field of construction and has a previous business and extensive experience in that industry.

Gaweesh disclosed that the company has succeeded since its establishment in implementing a huge package of distinguished projects within the Egyptian market, based on the construction boom that Egypt is currently witnessing, besides, the government’s efforts to support contracting companies operating abroad.

“There is a strong trend in Egypt’s construction sector to use green energy sources, as there are many buildings that currently depend on generating the majority of their energy needs on green energy sources, especially in the New Administrative Capital as a smart and sustainable city, “he elaborated. “As one of the major players in the construction industry in Egypt, we have recently taken the lead by creating a separate entity within our group to be specialized only in providing innovative green energy solutions with the latest technology at a better cost. Over and above, one of these solutions is recycling and benefiting from pollutant emissions in electricity generation, heating, and cooling for buildings, hospitals, and factories, which will lead to a doubling of energy generation efficiency at a lower cost per Joule and without pollution .”

Furthermore, he revealed the company’s plan to search for industry alliances with global leaders in the field of green energy, intending to localize the green energy industry in Egypt, which will effectively affect the creation of job opportunities and the provision of foreign currencies to the country .

He pointed out that GMC company is one of the few companies specializing in the construction and maintenance of hospitals in Egypt and abroad. The company’s client portfolio in Egypt includes most government agencies, institutions, and major companies in the private sector, enabling it to work in a variety of sectors, including housing, infrastructure projects, transportation, health care and water, sanitation, and power generation projects .

The company succeeded, according to the specified times, in constructing 33 buildings within the Social Housing project, the Medical Center at the Wadi El Natron’s Rehabilitation Centers, and Sixth of October Orthopedic Hospital, which is one of the largest orthopedic hospitals in the Middle East , according to Gaweesh.

GMC’s MG added that the company has also succeeded outside Egypt in executing a variety of projects, most notably the development of the Neuro spinal Hospital project in the UAE for neurosurgery and spine, highlighted the importance of government support for Egyptian companies operating abroad and its role in facilitating companies’ businesses and providing investment opportunities for them.

Egypt is witnessing a strong urban renaissance during the current period, which contributed to opening new areas and diverse job opportunities for all companies operating in the construction sector, which made companies achieve strong growth rates and gain more experience in carrying out new projects on the local market. As well as, giving opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to grow faster, he concluded.



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