Search continues for missing 9-year-old Dubai expat whose father, sibling drowned in Oman – News

3 members of one family were among 5 feared swept away on Sunday at Al Mughsayl beach

Photo: RoyalOmanPolice

Published: Thu 14 Jul 2022, 9:56 PM

Last updated: Thu 14 Jul 2022, 10:39 PM

The search for a nine-year-old Indian expatriate from Dubai continues in Oman after she was swept away by strong tides in the sea in Oman. Three family members, including two children, were swept away by strong waves at the Mughsayl beach of Dhofar Governorate of Oman on Sunday. While the mortal remains of two members were found, the search continues for the nine-year-old girl.

Oman police officials and family members have identified the victims as – Shashikant Mhamane (42) and his six-year-old son Shreyas. The nine-year-old girl has been identified as Shreya Mhamane. A father to three children, Mhamane’s older daughter Shravani and wife Sarika are said to have survived the tragedy.

The family, originally from the Western state of Maharashtra in India, traveled to Oman with a big group of family friends to celebrate the Eid-AL-Adha holidays, according to Mhamane’s public Facebook profile. He was prolifically sharing pictures and videos from the tip until tragedy struck. A shocking video of the giant waves hitting the shores of Mughsayl beach and engulfing the family has also gone viral on social media.

The mortal remains of Sashikant and his son Shreyas were taken to a hospital in Oman, according to Shashikant’s brother Rajkumar Mhamane.

According to Rahul Warda, a relative of the Sarika, Sashikant has been a UAE resident for 15 years. A project manager with an engineering firm in Sharjah, Sashikant had found immense success in his career after moving to the UAE. “He was very helpful to all the people in our town,” said Warda. The family hails from Jath in the Sangli district.

“He would guide and give the right advice to all the young people in our family. He would tell them about the right field of study and which places would give them the best opportunities. Moreover, Shashikant was a very progressive man with a keen interest in photography. None of us can believe this happened,” said Warda.

According to Warda, several friends and family members of the Mhamane family have rushed to Oman to assist the family through the traumatic time.

According to the TAS News Service of Oman, 16 people died, while four are still missing due to the flash floods and extreme weather conditions in the Sultanate over the last many days. Brigadier General Mohammed bin Nasser Al Kindi, director-general of operations at the Royal Oman Police, said rescue workers rescued more than 40 people in the last five days. “A total of 16 people have died while we are still searching for four people,” Al Kindi added.


Oman had temporarily closed all tourist sites across the Sultanate due to the unstable weather conditions following the increasing reports of people going missing. However, the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) announced it would re-open all tourist sites except for Mughsayl Beach as the search continued for the missing girl.

It said in a statement on Twitter, “While the authority thanks citizens and residents for their response and cooperation with the authorities, it stresses the need to adhere to public safety guidelines.”

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